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Pink on Her Kids Getting Sick Over the Holidays

Pink Hilariously Nails What It's Like to Have Sick Kids on the Holidays, Proves No Parent Is Safe

Whether she's crying with another mom in the grocery store or sharing cute photos of her kiddos with her on tour, Pink is never one to shy away from the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with being a mom. And her latest Instagram, which details the crummy reality of kids getting sick on the holidays, is no exception.

After wishing her followers a happy Fourth of July, she explained that both Willow and Jameson have fevers and that her family is spending the holiday with "both kids with thermometers up their butts." She shared that Willow has a temperature of 101.4 and Jameson's temperature has climbed to 103 degrees, and then asked, "What's mine?" and gave an all-too-real answer to her own question: "Who cares!"

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