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Teacher's Post About What Kids Remember About Holidays

This Teacher's Post About What Kids Actually Remember About the Holidays Is the Reminder We All Need

A teacher and mom of two who goes by the name andgreenandblue on Instagram wrote an incredible PSA that every parent should take note of this holiday season: it's not all about the presents. She shared her thoughts in a post on Nov. 30, and before you run off to Target with your kiddos' Christmas lists, you should probably give her post a read.

"Dear parents at Christmas, I know at this time of year there is pressure to create a perfect, magical Christmas," she wrote. "I know that you want to give them the magic of Santa and ensure he brings the best gifts and sometimes that means a bit of stress for you. But I'm writing to tell you a secret. I'm writing to tell you that every January when your child comes back to school they tell me all about the Christmas holidays."

"They tell me about staying at grandma's and being excited when you came back from work."

She went on to say that while she gets an earful from her students once they come back from Winter break, it's not all chatter about what they found under their trees on Christmas morning.

"They tell me about the days when everyone stayed indoors and watched TV," she explained. "They tell me about walking in the freezing cold to get a McDonald's. They tell me about staying at grandma's and being excited when you came back from work. They tell me about how you let them snuggle in your bed. They tell me about how you played cards and took them swimming one day and forgot their towel. They tell me about a visit to a friend's on New Year's Eve and how they stayed up [till] midnight. They told me about how they loved staying in their PJs some days and a trip out another day."

Although they admit what they got from Santa in passing, what kids really remember is the time they spent together as a family.

"They mention their gifts, but for them Christmas is your love and time and routines and feeling safe," she said. "You are their favourite things! Merry Christmas.

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