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Video of Girl Dressed as Daisy Duck at Disneyland

A Little Girl Dressed as Daisy Duck on a Trip to Disneyland, and Just Look at That Waddle!

For Disney-obsessed parents, dressing their little ones up as their favourite characters to head to the park for the day is as good as it gets. And recently, one mom dolled-up her daughter, Emily, in the hopes of coming across her little girl's idol: Daisy Duck.

While walking around the park with Emily, the pair actually ran into Daisy, and to say that the duck was excited would be a giant understatement. As soon as she spotted Emily — who was wearing the exact same outfit! — they shared a quick dance and proceeded to cruise around the park together hand-in-hand. Fortunately, their entire interaction was caught on video, and nope, it certainly doesn't get any cuter than this!

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