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Woman Gets Shamed For Dragon Christmas Decorations

This Woman Is Getting Shamed For Her "Totally Inappropriate" Christmas Decorations, and LOL

Our dragon holiday display got fan mail! (And apparently the "true meaning of Christmas" involves judgmental bullshit?)๐Ÿ˜‚...

Posted by Diana Rowland onย Friday, December 14, 2018

In some neighbourhoods, competing to see whose family can come up with the most mind-blowing holiday decorations is half the fun. But in Diana Rowland's case, decking out your house for Christmas warrants an anonymous nasty note. Fortunately, she shared the note she received on Facebook for entertainment purposes, and oh boy, are we glad she did.

"Neighbour, your dragon display is only marginally acceptable at Halloween," said the note. "It is totally inappropriate at Christmas. It makes your neighbours wonder if you are involved in a demonic cult. Please consider removing the dragons. May god bless you and help you to know the true meaning of Christmas."

Naturally, after being called out for what inflatables Diane chose to put up in her yard, she captioned the photo as follows: "Our dragon holiday display got fan mail! (And apparently the 'true meaning of Christmas' involves judgmental bullsh*t?) I'm also not sure I understand how the dragons are only marginally acceptable at Halloween. I guess they think I need MORE dragons??"

As you can imagine, people were very quick to jump to Diane's defence online. "Those are VERY CLEARLY Christmas dragons," joked one woman. "You can tell by the twinkle lights and the lack of menorah, which would delineate them as Hanukkah dragons." Another chimed in that her innocuous dragons shouldn't be hard to ignore. "Geez Louise, their lawn, their choice. If people don't like it, don't look at it."

Although Diane initially joked that she planned on getting more dragons just to put the screws to her grumpy neighbours, she explained in a later Facebook post that she wasn't going to stir the pot.

"I've been getting a number of messages about donations or GoFundMes for MORE DRAGONS, and as much as I'm tempted to fill my entire yard with ALL THE DRAGONS, I believe that the Christmas season should be about joy and charity," wrote Diane, adding that: "Therefore, I would much rather people take the money they might put toward my dragon army and donate it to a worthy organisation, such as a local food bank or shelter, or programs for underprivileged kids, etc."

Hey, at least she has a good sense of humour about it, right?!

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