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Chris Hemsworth's Son Crashes His Virtual Interview | Video

Chris Hemsworth's 6-Year-Old Son Crashing His Interview Is a Total Work-From-Home Mood

Not even a Marvel superhero can avoid the realities of a parent working from home nowadays. On 15 April, Chris Hemsworth sat down for a virtual chat with Triple M, an Australian radio station, and things took a funny turn once his kids got involved. Chris, proud dad to 6-year-old twin sons Tristan and Sasha and 7-year-old daughter India Rose, tried to promote his Netflix film Extraction throughout the interview but it became clear that his children were causing a distraction behind the camera.

"That's my kids in the background," he explained, before one of his sons popped up in the camera frame. The boy cuddled up to dad for a few seconds before rushing back to play. Eventually, Chris asked his kid to calm down again and apologised to host Luke Darcy, saying, "Sorry, my son is throwing pillows at the computer." Luke had the perfect response: "I'm enjoying this interview already because I'm watching Chris, who can do anything, Hollywood star, life's going beautifully, but like all of us, can't keep his kids under control." We're right there with you, Chris! Watch Chris's son's cute cameo above, starting at the 1:30 mark.

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