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Video of Dad Performing Ballet Duet With Daughter

Dad Joins His Daughter on Stage For Her Dance Recital — and, Yep, I'm Crying Over Their Synchronised Cartwheels

That moment that you will never forget

Posted by Bin Robinson on Friday, October 4, 2019

When Bin Robinson took the stage with his young daughter for her dance recital in South Africa, he may not have realised that their adorably choreographed routine would go viral, but he should have.

The proud dad, dressed in all black, performed synchronised somersaults and cartwheels with his little girl in the bright yellow dress. He even broke off and performed a series of pirouettes before his daughter shook her head and then showcased the correct form. They had the audience, me, and 3.7 million viewers around the globe rapt with attention. We oohed and aahed . . . and laughed and undoubtedly cried.

The video of the performance, which was set to Major's "Why I Love You," is so sweet that many commenters are requesting that this father-and-daughter duo reenact it "in 20 years at her wedding." Whether an encore is staged or not, I just hope they let us watch it.

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