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TikTok Videos of Man Singing to Disapproving Cat

These TikToks of a Man Serenading His Cat Show How Much Felines Disapprove of Us


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If you have cats, then you know that one of their most endearing qualities is disapproving of everything their humans do. While their judgmental looks make us love 'em even more, no one has quite mastered the art of pissing their kitty off like 22-year-old TikTok personality Garett Nolan. In a series of hilarious videos that have cat owners everywhere slamming the replay button, we see Garett serenading his four-legged friend, Ivan, with various songs that require some impressive high notes.

Despite the fact that Garett has an incredibly good voice, Ivan's displeasure is very apparent. Whether the kitty is trying to scratch his owner or is just shooting him daggers, we're shocked that Garett would ever attempt the task at all, let alone shirtless! Ahead, watch some of Garett's hilarious videos that certainly showcase his voice, but indisputably star Ivan. Heck, he can't even get any love singing Into the Unknown!

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