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My Colour Analysis Has Transformed the Way I Shop For Good

My Colour Analysis Has Transformed the Way I Shop For the Better

I can't explain how excited I was to have my colour analysis booked. I'd seen all the TikTok videos of people travelling far and wide to have this service, and I'd tried out the various filters and tests to try and determine my colour palette, season and jewellery shade for myself, but nothing could prepare me for the intensity of a full colour analysis.

For the uninitiated, colour analysis is a tool to determine the colours that suit you best. It's a system that takes your skin tone, natural eye tone, and hair colour and formulates a personalised colour palette for you. It's been a huge trend on TikTok and has over 107 million views on the app, showing creators travelling to Korea to have their colour analysis done, enlisting the help of AI to discover their palette and using different filters and online quizzes to find their perfect shades.

I met with Jules Standish, colour consultant, stylist and author of A Colourful Dose of Optimism for the service, which included an initial personality test, an analysis of my eye colour and pattern and then finally, the draping system to determine my seasonal shade.

During our chat and service, Standish explained the importance of the four seasonal analysis and exactly how it works. "It's all about defining whether you are a cool palette with a blue undertone to your skin: soft, delicate summer or vibrant, dynamic winter – or a warm palette with a yellow/golden undertone to your skin: bright, clear spring, or earthy, muted Autumn," she told PS UK.


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Standish also explained that a bad colour would accentuate fine lines, shadows and even redness in my face, whereas a colour that suited me would create an even tone and enhance my natural glow, and seeing this happen in front of me was a sight to behold. The way different shades changed my appearance, at times drastically, was phenomenal to see and for me, proved just how important wearing colours that complimented my skin tone could be.

The seasonal shades are paired with the results of the personality quiz, a holistic process that Standish swears by. She said: "A more extrovert individual can be naturally aligned with the warmer shades and the introverted types to the cool ones. Each temperament can tie in beautifully with their season, and it's a holistic process that ensures everyone shines brightly in their own unique way."

My session revealed that I'm a winter shade, and that my personality was equal parts extroverted and introverted. Cobalt blue, forest green, bright lemon yellow, hot fuchsia and a cherry red are all a part of my personal palette, and black is my ideal neutral shade (thankfully as the colour is admittedly my comfort colour to wear). Shockingly, as much as I love gold jewellery, silver, and particularly metallic silver make my skin glow much more.

I learned from Jules that while the colours in my palette were the brighter, bolder shades, I could adapt these to what I feel comfortable with. "If it's a colour you have never worn before and you want to try it out, I suggest you start small and don't spend a lot of money. Go for a cami top, or a t-shirt in one of your new shades. If you love it, and you get complimented on it and it makes you smile when you see yourself then you can buy something more statement in this colour and perhaps splash out a bit," she suggested.

Armed with this new, life-changing information, I took to the high street in full "Confessions Of A Shopaholic" mode, erratically flicking from store to store looking for the colours that suited me best. Until I stopped in my tracks and realised that my usual shopping habits and 'treat yourself' mindset were useless now I was armed with this new information.

Instead, after reflecting on the session, I've completely slowed down my shopping experience. Using my palette as a reference, I find stores that are likely to sell items that match both the colours and my personality, perhaps swapping a browse in Bershka for a gander in Mango. My purchases are more cost-effective too, thanks to Jules' advice. I've started small with accessories and beauty products, and eyed up a few statement pieces, like a blazer or a jacket in a muted shade from my palette, so I'm not going head-first into the deep end. I'm making use of fitting rooms and keeping a hold of my receipts so I can take back anything I change my mind on or won't wear.

To make any new, brightly coloured pieces last, laundry expert Elliot Hudson shared some tips which include turning items inside out before washing to retain colour integrity and using Dylon Colour Catcher Max Protect Sheets in every wash to ensure garments stay bold and bright.

Online, I'm already a Vinted obsessive, but now, my searches are filtered, which helps me find quality items that fit exactly what I want, as opposed to mindless scrolling and buying anything that's a bargain or looks half-decent. Most importantly, I'm sifting through my wardrobe to find pieces I already have to minimise my purchases further.

So, not only has my colour analysis transformed my shopping experience and the way I perceive my wardrobe, it's also massively helped my bank account. I'm less frantic in shopping centres, make more cost-effective decisions and have a newfound confidence to wear a pop of colour.

Post-Colour Analysis Shopping Tips From Jules

  • Mix and match your black shades — "If you have a lot of black in your wardrobe and it isn't part of your palette, see if you can keep what you love, but mix black outfits with your new best shades."
  • Make a list of the key items you need — "Buying basics like t-shirts, blouses and tops in your new colours are a wonderful way to start updating your wardrobe along with teaming these with neutrals."
  • Seen a trend you like? Just go for it — "If there is a hot fashion look you like, or a colourful combination that really appeals to you, then go for it, in proportions and ways to dress that suit your personality."
  • Get the right shades for your skin tone — "This will help to achieve an even, healthy and glowing complexion. If you have a warm spring or autumn base, then you need to focus on the peaches, apricots and coral shades of blush and lips, going lighter or darker in shade depending on your own individual colouring. Bright red or pink lips look fab but they have to have a warm yellow base. For the cooler summers and winters the focus is on pinks for blush and lips, or blue reds. If you harmonise your make up with your clothing shades, you will always ensure you look fabulous."

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