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Dads According to Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs Who Make the Best Dads, Ranked From Best to Worst

While every parent has their own unique and individualised set of skills, we all still wonder the same thing at the end of the day: are we doing a good job? And no matter how hard you try, it can seem like the type of parent you are is sometimes out of your control. Maybe, just maybe, it's all a little bit determined for us by our zodiac signs? If the same celestial bodies help guide our personality, why wouldn't they also help create who we are as parents? Just like some signs are better equipped to show creativity or athleticism, some signs make better dads. Here are the zodiac signs that make the best dads, ranked from best to worst.

  1. Taurus. Patience is the overarching virtue of the Taurus dad, which children require a lot of. Known for being very even-keeled, Tauruses excel in the parenting world because of their ability to remain grounded. While they sometimes can be known for being stubborn, it's that same trait as a father that encourages them to be steadfast and passionate about their family. This is the reliable sign that will do anything for their kids.
  2. Cancer. Even though the Cancer sign can be occasionally pushy, as fathers, they are incredibly nurturing. Ruled by emotion, they will be the kind of father that cries when your kid does because it affects them so deeply. The Cancer dad may not be the best equipped for the cry-it-out method, since your baby's sobs would hurt too much, but this is the dad who will bend over backwards loving and caring for his children.
  3. Pisces. Artistic, emotional, compassionate, and generous are just some of the amazing qualities of the Pisces father. The only thing that knocks them down a few rungs is their ability to become sullen and their inability to focus on one thing for a long period of time. Children don't care about a parent's mood swings, so it's best for a father to be willing to "be on" at any time.
  4. Libra. Libras make great fathers, especially dads of more than one child, in large part because of their desire to keep everything fair and just. This is the opposite of an egotistical sign, and it's their fair-mindedness that keeps things in the house moving forward. Careful, though — that same desire to keep things balanced can also lead to indecision.
  5. Capricorn. This dad is determined, possibly to a fault. As a father, they are the first to plan and sign kids up for activities and enjoy the teaching aspect of being a father. They appreciate trustworthiness and will teach their children to honour this. However, while the Capricorn dad is sincere and loving, there is also a tendency to show off and spoil their children.
  6. Leo. Stubborn for sure, the Leo sign gets a bad rap. While they certainly can be hotheaded, what helps the Leo dad is their willingness to be playful. Children can play for hours without stopping, and the Leo dad will be right there with them. Every Lego, every STEM project — the Leo dad enjoys this return to a childlike state. And that stubbornness, even though it makes them inflexible, also helps encourage them to discipline their kids.
  7. Aquarius. This sign is known for marching to the beat of their own drum, which can be problematic for routine-driven children. Even though this sign will encourage children to explore creative outlets and engage in the arts, it's also the sign that doesn't understand the need for schedules and order.
  8. Gemini. This twin, as a father, can be a bit two-faced. One moment they are calm and compassionate, playing on the floor, and the next they are running out to the garage to begin a project that takes them away for hours. Harness both energies by staying one step ahead of the Gemini dad and always giving them a task to complete.
  9. Scorpio. In a word, Scorpio men can be intense. This dad can be serious, overly stern, and unwilling to play. His saving grace as a parent is his curiosity. Chances are the Scorpio dad will want to learn everything there is to know about their children, even if at times they get secretive and need to retreat to their quiet safe space.
  10. Aries. This is a very serious sign, which, when they commit, goes full throttle. While they can be a family man who will encourage kids to pursue dreams and be artistic, the Aries dad also has some issues. Patience is definitely not their strong suit, so an Aries dad needs to work on this dynamic, especially with younger children.
  11. Sagittarius. Sure, Sagittariuses are known for being fun-loving and adventurous, but they're also exceptionally flighty and unwilling to be tied down. If you're OK with constantly having to pack your kids in to the back of an Airstream and set off on an adventure, Sagittariuses can be great dads. However, when cooped up inside, this sign can start to become restless and agitated.
  12. Virgo. Determined, opinionated, and strong-willed, this is not the sign for accommodating to the wills of children. While this dad will be very attached and love their kids, wanting only the best for them, they also have a strong penchant for requiring order and demanding the best from their children. This can lead to some critical moments and flowing tears. The Virgo dad needs to remember that children need to go at their own speed and will learn to be orderly as they get older.
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