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Things Irresistible People Do

10 Habits of Irresistible People

We've all met this type of person who attracts everybody in the room. Everyone wants to be in their company, and their magnetic personalities just draw you in. But what exactly makes him or her so irresistible? For one, they love people and know how to make anyone feel at ease. They have an energy to them that's contagious and a personality that's very difficult to dislike. It's not all about their inner qualities, however. There are also habits that irresistible people don't break that add to their already lovable selves. Here are 10 things they always do.

  1. They maintain relationships, and they don't burn bridges: What makes irresistible people irresistible is the fact that they maintain the connections they make. They don't make short-term friends. Instead, they continue to show effort in friendships and relationships in order to make them last.
  2. They smile: People want to be around them because of the warmth they give off. Irresistible people love being around others and welcome anyone with open arms. Their inviting smile initially hooks company and keeps them.
  3. They make sure to be friendly but never fake: Nobody likes a disingenuous person, and they know that. They're great with people and hardly have any enemies because they keep it real. Others appreciate this about them and therefore want to be around them.
  4. They listen with intent: They show they're engaged in the conversation by asking questions and with their body language. The speaker never has to talk over them, and they feel comfortable opening up. Irresistible people prove they're great listeners by bringing up certain tidbits in future conversations.
  5. They treat everyone with kindness and respect: This is a rule they follow without exception. The reason they're so liked is because they don't give you a reason to not. Someone with a great personality and other amiable qualities is still unlikable if they're selectively nice.
  6. They don't allow negativity: This means they don't gossip or badmouth others behind their back. They don't surround themselves with those who bring them or others down, and they try to ease the situation if they detect any tension.
  7. They show more than they tell: Irresistible people aren't the type to show off or to be all talk. They can be confident without being cocky and understand the importance of humility. They back up their words with actions and don't feel the need to prove themselves.
  8. They touch: They reinforce their interest in conversations and in people with friendly touches. They're not afraid to show affection or friendliness through physical interaction, which has a positive effect on those they're with.
  9. They easily adapt to the situation: A reason they're so liked is because they can thrive in any scenario. They know how to show enthusiasm while not being overbearing and are flexible depending on who they're with and where.
  10. They keep it light: They don't take things too seriously and know how to take a joke. They're not easily offended by others, and even when they are, they don't pass judgement. They know how to have fun while remaining respectful and within boundaries.
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