I Had a Tarot Card Reading Done Over Email, and It Was Actually Pretty Accurate

I've always believed in things like psychics, mediums, horoscopes, and tarot card readings (if I'm having a bad week, you better believe I'll explain it away with a messy horoscope — "See! I knew it!"). But while I've done psychic and tarot card readings in person more than a few times, I kind of draw the line there. I mean, how accurate can they be when done over the phone or email and that person has access to your social media? No matter how much you post, chances are someone can tell a lot about who you are based on a few photos and captions (captions give away a LOT). So when I was given the chance to have a tarot card reading done via email with Tarot by Maisy, I knew I had to give it a try to see what the end result would be. And you know what? It was pretty freakin' accurate.

Maisy, who has been reading tarot cards for more than 12 years, did her "Blind Spot" personality reading, which details your personality traits including your outside appearance (what you know and what others can see), the unknown (what you're not aware of but what is ruling), the hidden (what you know but won't show others), and the blind spot (what you can't see but what others see in you). Here's what she said about me.

Tarot by Maisy

My Outside Appearance (What I Know and What Others Can See)

Maisy pulled the "Mother of Swords" card here, and while this sadly isn't similar to a Game of Thrones-level title, it does mean that I'm "very detail-oriented, wary of my surroundings, and have multiple to-do lists going at once." This, I'm afraid, is very, very true. Have you ever seen that hilarious Zendaya meme where she says, "My mind is like my web browser — 19 tabs are open, three are frozen, and I have no idea where the music is coming from." Yep, that's me. I make to-do lists all the time (usually more than one) and I pay attention to every small detail when I'm doing something, especially if it's something I'm passionate about, because I want everything to be perfect. Oh, and wary of my surroundings? I watch way too much true crime to not be wary of my surroundings at all times. Anyone who knows me knows that all of these things are true since I outwardly display them.

One thing the "Mother of Swords" means that wasn't entirely accurate is being a very cautious person who "thinks through every decision you make, often weighing the pros and cons to an extreme degree." While I've definitely done this a few times in my life, I've always been more of a rule breaker and a risk taker. I love doing things on a whim, things I'm not typically supposed to do and things that seem like a good idea in the moment but might have potential consequences later. That's something my friends and family have always noticed about me, and I've definitely gotten in trouble enough to prove it.

The Unknown (What I'm Not Aware of but What Is Ruling)

Maisy pulled a reversed "Judgement" card here, which means that forgiving people (and myself) for mistakes does not come naturally to me. Maisy said that I sometimes struggle to "let go," which makes way for a constant circle of guilt when a mistake is made. I'm also a Leo, which means that trust, honesty, and loyalty mean a hell of a lot to me, and when those things are broken, it can be nearly impossible for me to forgive someone.

Wow. The accuracy.

Tarot by Maisy

The Hidden (What I Know but Won't Show Others)

Maisy pulled the reversed "Seven of Cups" card here, which means that when emotional situations are overwhelming, I try and hide the intensity that I feel during those moments from others. Maisy said I want people to know that I'm in control all the time, and when I feel like I'm not, I sometimes become paralyzed and don't do anything at all except sit in that stress.

This is extremely accurate in multiple areas in my life. One of the main things that comes to mind is my fear of flying. I have extreme levels of stress and anxiety on aeroplanes, but when I feel those things, I act very natural on the outside and I didn't really understand why until now.

The Blind Spot (What I Can't See but What Others See in Me)

Maisy pulled the "Five of Wands" card here, which is "all about inspirations, thoughts, goals, beliefs, and visions of the future." Since the wands are flying all over the place here, Maisy explained that while I'm good at hiding my inner turmoil from people, they can see when I take on too much and overwhelm myself (so much for wanting to seem in control at all times!). While others may not know the extent of my inner turmoil at times, this card indicates that I'm not the best at completely hiding when something is wrong. "They can always tell," Maisy said. And honestly, just ask my mom whenever I've called trying to sound normal and she asks within .2 seconds, "What's wrong?"

Bonus Energy Card

Maisy pulls an extra energy card in her readings to get an overall sense of the points the spread is touching on, and mine was the reversed "Mother of Wands." And this is the one that really struck a cord with me. Maisy explained that, when upright, this card represents "a woman who has been through a great deal of emotional ups and downs. In her past, she wasn't great at handling those traumas, and let her emotions get the best of her. But in her wiser days, she's now able to battle them with thought and logic (Wands), since she's been through those tough times before." But since my card was reversed, it suggested that "you may not be as 'over' those traumas as much as you think. You can't control everything, especially the speed of which you recover from hurt. This card is suggesting that you should put your Sword down at times, and allow yourself to embrace those feels (Seven of Cups). It's the only way you can truly heal."

When it comes to getting over heartbreak, it's something that seems to take me much longer than anyone else. And while I've outwardly acted like things were fine and battled with myself to let it go, I've never been able to until I force myself to feel it completely.

Even if this personality reading isn't your thing, Maisy offers a wide range of really interesting ones, including an ex relationship, a twin flame vs. soul mate, one year ahead, a past life, and sun, moon, and rising star. While I still prefer in-person readings, I definitely wouldn't be against doing this again. You never know — you might just learn something new about yourself!