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Advice For Self-Isolating In a Flat or House Share

Self-Isolating in a House Share? Here Are a Few Expert Tips on How to Cope

Set Some Boundaries
Image Source: Getty / recep-bg

As 2020 dawned, few of us could have imagined the reality we're living right now. The coronavirus has impacted every area of our lives and one thing is clear: we have to self-isolate in the coming weeks or even months. However, for people currently living with housemates, that phrase is something of a misnomer. You will be isolating together.

Whether that thought strikes fear or joy into your heart, the truth of the matter is that this experience will be a challenge for the best of us. Spending all of your time under one roof with the same people — even if you're friendly — is certain to be tricky. So, how can you cope and get through this bizarre time together? Let's take a look at some expert tips to keep you going strong.

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