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Boat Brain Teaser

This Boat Brain Teaser Is So Clever, You'll Scream "OMG" When You Figure It Out

The popular brain teaser Instagram account Riddle Me This is at it again with one of its latest mind-boggling puzzles. Unlike some, this one doesn't involve any numbers or tricky maths, but is instead a simple mystery story that needs some clever (and pretty hilarious) thought. The riddle reads: "You see a boat filled with people. You look again and it hasn't sunk, but now you don't see a single person on the boat. Why?"

Now we know there could seriously be about a hundred different answers for this riddle, but we guarantee that when you finally learn the answer, you'll probably shout, "OMG. Seriously? Why didn't I think of that?!" If you take a go at this riddle but can't seem to figure it out, no worries. Riddle Me This reveals the solutions to its most recent riddle in the caption of its Instagram post directly after it, so check out the answer to this one here.

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