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Dad Reads Son's Favourite Memes Out Loud

This Dad Reading His Son's Favourite Memes Aloud Will Have You Rolling Over Laughing

It's no secret that memes are practically a language all their own these days, but it looks like some members of older generations aren't quite in on the joke. Funny or Die comedian Drew Tarver recorded his father reading some of his favourite memes aloud, and I could watch this footage for hours on end. In a now-viral compilation Drew shared on Twitter, his dad recites a handful of popular memes from a phone and appears to be pretty darn confused the entire time. The best part? His deadpan delivery. If Mr. Tarver had a standup comedy gig, I'd honestly pay top dollar just to hear his hysterical voice riff on the random images and videos that millennials find so funny.

Save for a few intermittent eyebrow raises, he keeps a straight face until the very end when he loses it over a meme about . . . well, you'll just have to watch the video above to see for yourself. Good luck not LOLing while listening to Mr. Tarver read about memes you've likely tagged your friends in on Instagram.

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