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Valentine's Day Heart Brain-Teaser 2019

This Valentine's Day Brain-Teaser Is So Puzzling, It Might Break Your Heart

It's time to test your brain with a quick brain-teaser — but don't let this one break your heart. This adorable Valentine's Day illustration from Gergely Dudás is actually a hidden image search that's pretty damn difficult if you ask me. The instructions ask followers to look for a "tiny heart" within a background of pink flowers, butterflies, and the occasional cute animals.

If you get stuck, don't worry! Simply swipe left to get a peek at the solution. You may groan out loud once you realise the heart has been lying in plain sight all along. If you're a fan of Gergely's puzzles, you can find more on his Instagram page and in his book Bear's Springtime Book of Hidden Things.

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