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Best Sunscreen For Dark Skin Tones 2021, Per the Experts

The Best Sunscreens For People With Dark Skin Tones, According to Dermatologists and Aestheticians

Best Sunscreen For Dark Skin Tones 2021, Per the Experts

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First things first: yes, you absolutely need to wear sunscreen even if you have darker skin. This is because though the science tells us that skin with more melanin has a higher natural SPF than white or fair skin, it also shows us that dark skin is still susceptible to sun damage if not properly protected. Which means the myth that Black and South Asian people don't have to worry about sunscreen is just that. A myth.

And though we know British summers can be sporadic, a quality SPF should actually be worn all year round, so don't think you can use an overcast day as an excuse not to apply yours. But who could blame you for being reluctant? The chances are if you're reading this that you've tried one too many sunscreens that have washed out your complexion with that ghostly white cast which so many SPF formulations leave on the skin.

It's never a good look, so we want to help you find an SPF that not only protects your skin but also keeps it radiant and moisturised in the process. That's why we asked some of the UK's top dermatologists and aestheticians to recommend their favourite sunscreens for dark skin. You can thank us later!

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