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Cat Headband From Amazon

This Is My Favourite (and Cutest) Beauty Buy From Amazon — and it's Under £2!

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Regardless of your skill level, your beauty regime is a ritual and should be treated as one. Whether that ritual looks like 10 minutes in a hand-held mirror for groomed brows and cloud blush, or you're committing a full half hour to the backdrop of Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, that's your prerogative. For me, it's the latter, complete with a pomegranate tea and a waffle dressing gown (matching with my partner's, no less). This ritual is the part of my morning where I paint my face as a form of expression for the day ahead. Like with the waffle gown, it's only fair that I honour this daily tradition. I do this with a pastel pink headband adorned with kitty ears. Because quite frankly, what else?

Not only does it look sickeningly cute, but the headband pushes my hair back in a way that won't leave a dent like a more solid alternative. When showering, I tuck my longer locks into the back of the band, meaning no hairbands or shower caps necessary. The Sanwood Cute Cat Ears Headband (£1.59) is available on Amazon in a variety of colours. Join me in honouring your ritual and collecting them all.

Sanwood Cute Cat Ears Headband
Sanwood Cute Cat Ears Headband
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