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Face Lace Chrome Eyeliner Review With Photos

I Tried Florence Pugh's Dune 2 Face Lace Makeup on a Night Out and Loved It

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 25: Florence Pugh attends the
Image Source: Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic

There's no doubt that "Dune: Part 2" has the hottest cast ever, and as the press tours visited hotspots around the world, audiences were treated to iconic and seemingly coordinated looks from the red carpet, including Zendaya's metallic suit of armour by Thierry Mugler, Timothee Chalamet's grey jumpsuit, and Florence Pugh's robot liner at the New York premiere — a look that proved the British actress is always ahead of the style curve.

The glistening reflection of Pugh's chrome liner, paired with how subtle and simplistic the eye makeup looked drew me to the style and made me think: "If Florence can do it, then maybe I can too." There's no better way to test a makeup look than going on a night out, so with one in the diary, I was keen to put Pugh's metallic look to the test.

Her long-time makeup artist Alex Babsky used Face Lace Chrome Devotion Liners (£25) to create the eyeliner look, and so for help and expert advice, I went to Face Lace founder Phyllis Cohen.

Asked about the inspiration behind the Chrome Liners, she told POPSUGAR UK: "I've always thought that a mirror finish in eye makeup would look really cool and futuristic. At present we have 15 sleek shape sets, carefully designed to accentuate all eye shapes," she tells POPSUGAR UK. "You can wear our designs over makeup, and they're perfect for dramatic, but fool-proof, makeup results quickly."

About Face Lace Chrome Liners

  • The designs can be worn over makeup and use the "most long lasting, hypoallergenic, medical adhesive".
  • Celebrities like Rita Ora, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and Ariana Grande have previously used Face Lace.
  • The liners are reusable and easy to remove, simply by peeling them off.
  • How I Applied Face Lace Chrome Liners

    To apply the liners, which Cohen says can be placed on top of makeup but are best used on clean skin, I aligned the sticker with where I wanted it to sit on my eyelid. I aimed for just above my crease, as recommended by Cohen, "so it does not obstruct the movement of the eyelid closing and opening". I stuck the tail end by the outer corner of my eye, before lightly pressing and following the line until it reached the inner corner.

    How I Tested The Face Lace Chrome Liners

    The Face Lace designs were in for some rigorous testing, as it was my first official night out of 2024 and my first time drinking since doing Dry January. Before this night out I had practically felt like a hermit, so I wasn't going to let my eye makeup hold me back.

    Image Source: PopSugar Photography/Lauren Gordon

    I started at my friend's house party where we ate loads of food, chatted non-stop and played a tame version of the Mexican drinking game, Toques. We then headed to the busy Night Tales Loft in Hackney to dance all night long to house, funk, and soul, before grabbing a chicken wings and chips meal and calling it a night at about 3am.

    And surprisingly, after safely making it home, I rubbed my eyes and felt the smoothness of my chrome liner. I looked in the mirror to see it still perfectly in place, unmoved, after all the chaos.

    What I Liked About Face Lace Chrome Liners

    To start, the application was so smooth. It took a minute to align them and make sure they were exactly where I wanted them, but being able to stick on my makeup and go made my preparation for the night seamless.

    I received so many compliments from my friends and even random strangers who seemed to be caught off-guard by my dazzling eye makeup, which is always a nice feeling. I liked knowing that I looked like I put a lot of effort into my look when really it was almost effortless.

    I usually shy away from the creative, out-there makeup looks and keep my routine simple, but this was a fun yet subtle way to tip-toe into experimenting with my eye makeup. And if I didn't like it, there was peace in knowing that I wouldn't have to start my makeup all over again after removing it.

    The best part of wearing the Face Lace liners was getting in after a night of dancing, absolutely shattered, and simply peeling them off, without ruining them and knowing they could be used again. It sliced my downtime by half and meant more sleep for me.

    Image Source: PopSugar Photography/Lauren Gordon

    What To Consider About Face Lace Chrome Liners

    As someone whose eyes tend to water a lot after applying makeup, I thought going for the winged chrome liner would cause lifting in the corners of my eye. After consulting with Cohen about the issue, she advised: "To get the best wear out of your Face Lace pat down the area around the eyes, with a tissue to absorb any oils or perspiration before applying Face Lace."

    Luckily, they stayed the whole night, with no peeling, even though I spent the night in a packed, sweaty club in East London, but I made sure to pat my eyes whenever they were feeling particularly wet.

    Throughout the night, I was constantly asked if the liners were bothering me, after revealing to anyone that complimented them that they were essentially stickers. To be honest, I completely forgot they were there. I think if they directly were in my crease, as Cohen advises against, they would've irritated me, but they were really comfortable and unnoticeable to me, in the best way.


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