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Geometric Nail Art

31 Geometric Nail Art Ideas That Go Outside the Box

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Geometric nails are by no means new, but they're definitely here to stay. The chic-yet-bold manicure reminds us of negative space nails but plays around with colour and texture much more. Geometric designs are often seen at Fashion Weeks, but this doesn't mean you can't DIY them.

But what are geometric nails? The technique uses colour and sharp lines to create bold shapes and irregular patterns. Normally, no two nails are the same, each with its own quirk and hue. The nails can be neutral or bold, and there are endless manicure variations. The easiest way to get sharp, straight lines at home is using striping tape and plenty of patience! It's also a great design for those with shorter nails, because it draws attention to the bold shapes rather than nail shape. It's also unlike the french manicure, which does highlight nail length (apart from this french mani variation for short nails!)

Ahead, see some of our favourite geometric nail designs to DIY at home or take to your nail tech.

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