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How to Sharpen Tweezers?

Tweezer Sharpeners Exist, and They're Only £3

Ever gone to pluck away those stray brow hairs, only to find you're pulling all skin and no hair? If so, you probably need to sharpen those bad boys. The good news? Blunt tweezers don't necessarily need to be replaced, all they need is a good sharpen. And no, you don't need to send them back to have this done for you.

A Reddit hack has recently gone viral reminding people that nail files can actually sharpen tweezers. While this is a great hack if you're on the go, there's actually a much better option and it will cost you no more than a nail file. Tweezer sharpeners exist!

I've been using The Brow Gal Tweezer Sharpeners (£3) for a while, and they really do make the tweezers feel nearly new. They come in a handy pack of 12, and sit somewhere between sandpaper and a nail file, with a grade specifically designed for tweezers. The smaller size means they're easier to manoeuvre, and they last longer than a nail file for this purpose. Not only are they great for sharpening, they also help to remove any dirt build up too.

My current favourites tweezers are either those from The Brow Gal (£24) or Benefit (£15). I keep the tweezer sharpeners both on my dressing table and in my makeup bag so my tweezers stay super-sharp at all times. Try them for yourself, and you'll never have a problematic plucking session again.

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