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Kim Kardashian Kimoji Fragrance Launch

We Cannot Believe How Cute Kim Kardashian's Valentine's Day Fragrances Are

When Kim Kardashian released her Gardenia fragrances in November, there was a flurry of activity around the POPSUGAR Beauty closet. Many editors wanted to know what the secret scent, you know, smelled like before investing in it themselves. That didn't stop a lot of people from splurging on the $60 (approx £42) fragrance, as the line reportedly made $110 million in one day. Months later, the new mum is back with another trio of Valentine's Day scents — and these ones are as cute as can be!

In a photo posted to KKW Beauty's Instagram, we can see three candy-shaped bottles. These are the brand new Kimoji Heart Fragrances, which are set to drop on Feb. 1. Whether you plan to spend V-Day with your Bae, BFF, or Ride or Die, all are represented in the product names.

Of course, yet again, we don't know what this perfume smells like. But judging from the photo's comments, that's hardly bothering any fans. "Can't wait to find out what they smell like! Definitely getting these!" one person wrote. If Kim makes it, they will come!

Whereas Gardenia featured notes of deep, musky oud, many are assuming these treat-shaped fragrances will smell like candy. Again, we'll have to wait until Feb. 1 (plus shipping time) to find out, but we think that's a pretty solid guess.

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