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Nail Art Trends 2019: Simple One Line Nail Art Ideas

One Line Nail Art Is the Latest Minimalist Trend, and Here Are 26 of Our Favourites

Nail Art Trends 2019: Simple One Line Nail Art Ideas
Image Source: Instagram

Here at POPSUGAR, we're fans of nail art, and we're even bigger fans of nail art that is actually easy to do. Our latest manicure obsession is incredibly simple but no less beautiful — and involves just one line, literally.

If you dream of having your nails decorated at all times with intricate designs but don't want to go to the salon — or spend hours painstakingly painting each talon — we may have found the perfect design. These manicures have one thing in common: they all have just one line painted on each finger. Some are just very basic vertical or horizontal lines; others are painted in a half-moon or circle shape; we've even seen some squiggles and negative space lines. It might sound boring, but let us convince you why this nail art trend is anything but.

To create perfect stripes in any way you fancy, all you need is your favourite nail polish colours and some nifty rolls of striping tape — no freehand painting skills needed. From tiny multicoloured stripes to thicker white lines to create a "nail contouring" effect, there are more ways to incorporate these little lines than we ever imagined. Keep reading and feast your eyes on some of our favourite one line nail art designs from Instagram.

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