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Bawdy Butt Sticks Review

I Tried Bawdy's New "Butt Sticks," and Boy, Was It an Experience

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There are very few beauty products that give me pause, but when I read the label on the new Bawdy Butt Sticks, I definitely said, "Wait, what?" The chunky, twist-up packageing looks a lot like a face mask or makeup stick, but its label clearly states otherwise. Having tried the original Bawdy butt sheet masks (all four variations, to be exact), there was no doubt I was going to give the new Butt Sticks a go. Here's how it went.

Let me preface this by explaining I live with my boyfriend, and at this point, he is well accustomed to my beauty rituals — he knows how long it takes me to do my nighttime skincare routine and what products are my be-all and end-all favourites, and he even partakes in the weekly face mask. But I don't know if anything could prepare him for the butt stick experiment. We were watching TV on a casual Monday night when I disappeared to apply the Clay Butt Mask ($28). The detoxifying mask has a grey colour to it from the kaolin clay in the formula. To put it on, you twist the end and apply it directly to your butt in circular motions. Because of the packageing, the application process is mess-free.

When I came back into the room, his first question was, "Why don't you have pants on?," followed by, "Oh my, what is that?" Even after I told him about the butt stick mask, it didn't offer him much of an explanation. (I can't say I blame him.)

Immediately after applying it, I felt a slight tingling sensation. I credit that to the sodium hyaluronate in the formula, which is meant to plump the skin. After 15 minutes of lying on my stomach — because, duh, you can't sit down — I washed it off in the shower (although you can use a warm washcloth instead). I can't say I noticed any difference in the tone of my butt, but it did feel softer — like I used a really good body moisturiser.

I know what you're probably thinking: is butt masking necessary? I guess it depends. I'm sure if you work out a lot, tend to sweat throughout the day, or experience butt acne, using a purifying clay mask for your butt could be a beneficial step to add into your body-care routine. While I can't say I'll be using it weekly, I can see working it into my shower routine once a month — you know, when I'm feeling a little extra . . . or when I want to see that terrified look on my boyfriend's face again.

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Bawdy Butt Sticks Review
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