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Best Haircuts For Women 2021: 4 Haircut Trends and Ideas

5 Haircut Trends That Will Rule Your 2021 Mood Board, According to the Pros

Best Haircuts For Women 2021: 4 Haircut Trends and Ideas
Image Source: Getty / Michael Tran

Just as we've gleaned from the latest American Horror Story: 1984, sometimes the things worth looking forward to are actually a nod to the past. This sentiment rings especially true for the haircut trends you'll see everywhere come 2021, which are going to be decidedly retro, according to the pros.

"History tends to repeat itself, as do hairstyles, and this year, we're seeing a lot of textured waves and choppy layers," Brad Mondo, hairstylist and founder of Xmondo Hair, told POPSUGAR. "Most of the haircuts we see will be straight out of the 70s."

Besides nostalgia, the common denominator in each of the cuts to come out of lockdown is ease. "Looks that are easy to style are what you will be seeing for the rest of the year and moving onto next year," said hairstylist Michelle Cleveland of Hair Addict Salon. "These are appealing to people right now because most of us are still stuck in our homes and are becoming more relaxed and comfortable with our hairstyles. This is a time for many people to start getting newer haircuts that they would never normally get so they have the time to style it and fall in love with it."

This means you can go your own way with a few popular styles of yore, like blunt ends and one-note cuts, Mondo added. "Blunt cuts are going out of style. Having no texture and having all your hair one length is going to be a thing of the past."

So in the spirit of all things "onward and upward," we're breaking down the four haircut trends you'll want to step into the future with — because aren't we all about done with the horror show that is 2020?

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