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Cardi B's Mullet Hairstyle at Pre-Grammy Gala 2023

Cardi B Pulled Off a Divisive Chocolate-Brown Mullet at the Pre-Grammy Gala

Cardi B's Mullet Hairstyle at Pre-Grammy Gala 2023

Party in the back! Cardi B arrived at the 2023 pre-Grammy Gala on Feb. 4 rocking one of the most historically divisive hairstyles of all time: the mullet. With the help of hairstylist Tokyo Stylez, the rapper debuted her bold chocolate-brown look on the red carpet, using hair from Wig Dealer instead of actually committing to the chop. To include more of her personality, she also added slick bangs and longer sideburns than you would see in a traditional mullet. The warm hue of her wig matched the patchwork on her Roberto Cavalli gown, giving the outfit an edgier and more cohesive vibe.

While the mullet — which is typically short and structured in the front and long in the back — is not always considered high fashion, Cardi's stylist, Kollin Carter, provided more insight as to why it was the right choice leading up to the Grammys. "Early 2000's, but make it punk!" he wrote on Instagram.

This is a new type of updo for Cardi, but it's not entirely surprising, given her reputation for exploring new styles. She joins a slew of other celebrities who have tried their hand at reviving the mullet recently, leaning into its alternative nature. Some other fans of the "business in the front, party in the back" look include Lil Nas X, who wore the trend at the MTV VMAs, and Miley Cyrus, who gave her version more of a nostalgic '80s feel.

As celebrity hairstylist and cofounder of Nine Zero One salon Riawna Capri previously told POPSUGAR, the mullet is a great style to try if you can work up the courage. "This haircut is for someone who is confident, who steps outside the box, and whose style is on the edgier side," Capri said. But at the end of the day, she assured us, pulling off a mullet like Cardi's really comes down to your attitude. "If you have the confidence to rock it and be different, everyone else will love it, too."

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