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Coquette Hair Is the Cutest Trend of 2024

The "Coquette Hair" Trend Will Have You Stocking Up on Bows

Coquette Hair Is the Cutest Trend of 2024

The current microtrend culture has people trying to keep up with every new aesthetic that pops up on their "For You" page. From barely-there "clean girl" makeup to the "mob wife" look that's currently taking over TikTok, the options are plentiful, but none of them really seem to have much staying power except for one: coquette beauty.

Characterised by ethereal, hyper-feminine looks, coquette beauty has consisted of subtrends like bow nails, pink-tinted cheeks, and girlish fashions almost to the point of being childlike. Now, coquette hair is doing the rounds.

Devin Toth, a hairstylist at Salon SCK, tells POPSUGAR that it's "exaggerated and embodies hyperfeminism." Think: pigtails, pearl accessories, hair bows, and braids. To help you further understand the trend, Toth explains how exactly you can recreate the coquette hairstyles of your dreams, ahead.

What Is Coquette Hair?

In the same vein as the makeup and nail looks, coquette hair embraces maximalism and typically consists of bold accessories. "It's a lot of overdone pigtails and bows," Toth says. Highly influenced by the success of "Barbie", you will often find that the accessories used are pink. "Pastel colours have also been trending for a long time now," Toth says. As the coquette hair trend progresses, you may start to see a larger range of soft, feminine colours like lilac, baby blue, and peach incorporated into the inspiration photos you see.

You're not only relegated to pigtails when it comes to this trend, but the idea is for people to see the bows that you use, whether you want to clip them into your fringe, pair them with a chic bob, or like to use them to take your updos to new heights.

Coquette Hairstyle Inspiration

Not every coquette hairstyle has to look the same. If you do go the pigtail route, Toth has a tip for taking the look to a new level. "A really chic and sophisticated way to pull off this trend is to fold each of your pigtails into buns and then fasten each of them with a thin ribbon," he says. "This takes the look up a notch and makes it look a little more mature."

Need some coquette hair inspiration? We rounded up the best versions of the trend on Instagram ahead.

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