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Elizabeth Olsen Debuts Curtain Bangs and Brown Hair Colour

Scarlet Witch, Who? Elizabeth Olsen Has a New Brown Hair Colour With Curtain Bangs and All

Elizabeth Olsen's new hairstyle is a very far cry from the copper-red colour we became accustomed to seeing her in when we were marathoning through WandaVision. The Marvel actor made an appearance at the Falcon and the Winter Soldier virtual launch event this week, where she was seen sporting an all-new, shaggy haircut featuring retro curtain bangs and a dark-brown hair colour.

Curtain bangs are a very low-maintenance, more noncommittal way to wear bangs that involves splitting your fringe down the middle and sweeping the hair to each side. The hairstyle is very reminiscent of the '70s, and the comeback tour it's been on for the last few months has been so strong that even Olivia Rodrigo gave in and got the cut after spending months thinking about it. Olsen joining the curtain-bangs club is just another reminder that this is a trend that won't be going out of style anytime soon.

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