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Summer Hair-Colour Trends to Try in 2022

5 Dreamy Hair-Colour Trends to Start Planning For This Summer

Summer Hair-Colour Trends to Try in 2022
Image Source: Courtesy of Stephanie Brown

Like the spot-on meme that taunts you every time you click open Instagram, summer is made for taking that belated birthday trip across the Turkish Riviera, bar-hopping between rooftops, or finally trying that new dreamy hair colour you found on Pinterest. Should the former make you (or your wallet) tremble, planning a trip to the salon is an easy, low-pressure adventure that will still give you something to look forward to.

Even better, all the coolest trends you'll see this summer are fittingly low-key. We're talking soft, buttery highlights; grown-out roots (but in that pretty, professionally intended way); cool blond hues; and hair colour that's easy as hell to maintain. Because at this point, who has the time for all the fuss?

"Summertime always inspires people to go a little lighter with their color," Tom Smith, celebrity hairstylist and international colour creative director for Evo Hair, says. "Summer holidays and a more relaxed attitude during these months mean longer between appointments."

Translation? You can expect the five "easy" hair colours ahead to trend from now until the foreseeable future — and dammit, if that's not a win the world could use right now, we don't know what is.

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