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A Guide to Every Type of Manicure Out There

Every Type of Manicure, Explained

A Guide to Every Type of Manicure Out There
Image Source: Getty / Matteo Valle

  • You can get many different types of manicures at the salon.
  • We're breaking down six of the most common manicure styles out there.
  • Learn about basic, gel, Russian, gel extension, acrylic, and dip-powder manicures.

A quick glance at the nail-salon service menu might be more confusing than clarifying. You'll find a number of different options, from spa treatments to manicure and pedicure types β€” and while it's nice to have options, it's tricky when you don't know exactly what they entail.

You're probably familiar with the fundamentals, like regular and gel manicures β€” but when terms like "Russian manicure" and "gel extensions" get thrown into the mix, things can get a little confusing. There are about six different manicure types available to you: basic, gel, acrylic, Russian, dip powder, and gel extensions. Knowing what each is is essential toward ensuring you leave the salon happy. Even if you already have a signature nail look, you may just discover your new go-to beauty treatment.

For a full breakdown of the different types of manicures out there, keep scrolling.

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