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Millie Bobby Brown's Scrunchie and Strawberry Clip Hairstyle

Millie Bobby Brown Practically Just Stepped Off the Set of Clueless With This Hairstyle

You'd be forgiven for thinking this recent photo of Millie Bobby Brown was taken in the '90s thanks to her hairstyle and strong accessories game. In fact, Brown looks like she just walked off the set of Clueless.

On 16 Feb, the Enola Holmes actor posted two photos on her Instagram feed that screamed '90s throwback louder than Dionne could shout at Murray. It was practically a checklist for every accessory we know and love so fondly. Brown wore her hair half up and tied back with a sheer pink scrunchie, styled with the front pieces of her hair in a middle part and secured with strawberry clips. She accessorised with dangly earrings and a glasses chain to match her cropped pink cartoon animal top.

Brown's Instagram is a board of inspiration for modern-day takes on '90s styles. We're talking tiny braids with front pieces of hair, frosted eye makeup, and space buns. Maybe it's time to dig out our assortment of butterfly clips and scrunchies after all.

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