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Nail Art Trends From Around the World To Try in 2020

The Biggest Nail Art Trends Around the World Will Make You Feel Like a Globetrotter

Nail Art Trends From Around the World To Try in 2020
Image Source: Courtesy of Paintbox

In between the croissant holding in Paris, the kangaroo feeding in Sydney, and the "noraebang" mic dropping in Seoul, it can be easy to miss the one thing that differentiates a hand in one city from the next: their nails. But consider this permission to stare, because you'll find more nail art and polish inspiration from around the world than there are seats on a Stratolaunch aircraft — and it's enough to launch your boring old manicure into the stratosphere.

We've got the proof. From the negative space designs flooding the streets of South Africa to sticker nail art gaining popularity in the UAE, there are plenty of new looks to try this season. To help us break them down, we've asked the pros to share the biggest trends taking over their respective towns right now — because that intel is a little trickier to navigate with Google Translate.

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