Every Single Step in Selena Gomez's $563 Skin-Care Routine

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Celebrities — they're just like us. They shower, brush their teeth, and apply $360 face creams before going to bed. OK, maybe they're not exactly like us, but more stars are giving fans a closer look into their personal beauty routines featuring products we all know and love. The latest to share? Selena Gomez.

The actor, singer, and Rare Beauty founder posted her entire night-time skin-care routine on TikTok, and while it included some high-priced items (the said $360 face cream was none other than the La Mer Moisturising Soft Cream ($360)) there were also a few affordable gems, like the Eos Lip Balm ($4).

In recent months, Gomez has shared many of her beauty and wellness routines on TikTok, giving fans a sneak peek into her hair and makeup secrets. Now, if you want to shop her favourite skin-care buys — which totaled a cool $563 for the full 7-step routine — we're breaking down every product she used ahead.