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Reason For Skin Growth Under Nails

Why Is the Skin Under My Fingernails Longer Than My Nails? We Asked the Pros

Reason For Skin Growth Under Nails
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

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You might have noticed a thin layer of skin growing underneath your nails. Slightly put off by it? Don't stress, it isn't a huge worry — but can get a bit uncomfortable, especially when trimming or filing nails. The tissue growth is actually called the hyponychium and stops germs and debris from getting under your nail, protecting your nail bed.

The hyponychium can thicken, making it grow excessively and at times, longer than your actual nail and this can be caused by genetics, wearing gels or acrylics too long, biting your nails, and other factors. We asked experts Merilin Notton, head of brand at Mylee and Charlotte Knight, nail tech, founder and CEO of Ciaté London for some tips and advice on how to tackle an overgrown hyponychium the right way, to avoid any nail mishaps.

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