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Tanologist Gradual Oil Self Tan Overnight Treatment Review

Tanologist's Gradual Oil Overnight Treatment Made Getting a Glow on My Face Really Easy

Tanologist Gradual Oil Self Tan Overnight Treatment Review
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Beauty confession time: back before I was a beauty editor, I was horrible with my sun protection. My skin naturally tans well, and growing up, I spent more time than I would like to admit lying out at the beach or in my driveway (true story, I'm not proud of it) with minimal sunscreen on, if any. Even though my sun-protection habits have gotten infinitely better, I still feel my best when I have a little bit of a tan. But before one of my dermatologist friends reads this and gets mad at me, I should say that this desire for a healthy flush of colour to my skin has just inspired my love for testing self-tanning products, like the Tanologist Gradual Oil Self Tan Overnight Treatment.

I've tried just about every body-tanning water, mousse, gel, wipe, and lotion in an effort to achieve a faux glow, but the following still remains true: self-tanning your face proposes its own challenges. Some face-tanning products feel too heavy or greasy, others have a bad smell to them, and others just leave you looking streaky (which is one thing when it happens to your body, but a whole different story when it's above the neck).

I've tried the Tanologist Face + Body Drops ($20) before with great luck, but as lame as it sounds, I don't like having to go through the additional step of mixing the tanning serum with my moisturiser. So when I heard that the Tanologist Gradual Oil Self Tan Overnight Treatment ($20) doesn't require that extra step, my inner lazy girl got so excited.

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