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The "Touch of Toffee" Hair Colour Trend For Fall

"Touch of Toffee" Is the J. Lo-Inspired Hair Colour You're About to See Everywhere This Fall

The "Touch of Toffee" Hair Colour Trend For Fall
Image Source: Getty / Noam Galai
  • Experts predict "touch of toffee" will be one of fall's biggest hair colour trends.
  • It incorporates light highlights on warmer brunette hair colours to achieve a toffee-like effect.
  • The "touch of toffee" hair colour can already be seen on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez.

If you're in the market for a hair colour change — and believe us, there are many options to choose from — there's no easier way to narrow it down than looking to celebrities for inspiration. The fall hair colour that's currently taking over our mood board this season, for example, can already be seen on stars like Jennifer Lopez, and the trend sounds just as sweet as the seasonal pumpkin-spiced beverages that are set to make their grand return any day now.

"Touch of toffee," as it's been called by colourist at Chicago's Maxine Salon Karissa Schaudt, is similar to the "mocha melt" hair colour, in that it's typically a darker base colour with caramel-hued highlights added throughout to add a little bit of warmth.

"This is a two dimensional colour with lots of tiny woven highlights," she told POPSUGAR. "The deeper tone is a warm brunette, while the lighter highlights are closer to a medium toffee tone. This works best on dark blondes or brunettes who have straight to wavy hair."

According to Schaudt, you should ask your colourist for "a tint and full-lite" to achieve the style. The look also works best with fine highlights, so you'll want to avoid anything chunky like money pieces.

For some inspiration to add to your list of fall favourites, check out a few stunning examples of the "touch of toffee" hair colour trend ahead.

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