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Ashton Kutcher and James Corden Rap Battle Video

Ashton Kutcher and James Corden's Rap Battle Is So Savage, They REALLY Go There

Ashton Kutcher and James Corden's rap battle was so intense, they had to bring out an impartial judge with a select set of skills to name a winner. During Tuesday night's episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden, the host went head to head with Ashton, and they slammed each other on everything from their respective movie careers to James's midsection, and so much more (they really went there). James dissed Ashton's roles in Valentine's Day, New Years Eve, and even the ability to make people "miss Charlie Sheen" on Two and a Half Men, while Ashton compared James to "the baby of Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump." Watch the savage video above, and see who Diddy declared the final winner.

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