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John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds Roast Hugh Jackman

John Krasinski Teamed Up With Trolling Expert Ryan Reynolds to Roast Hugh Jackman Like a Turkey

John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds Roast Hugh Jackman
Image Source: Shutterstock

Ryan Reynolds has already been unofficially dubbed Hollywood's most infamous trolling expert, but it looks like he may be grooming John Krasinski to become his partner in crime. The two actors just teamed up to roast Hugh Jackman for getting cosy with John's wife, Emily Blunt, on the red carpet, and the whole interaction is just so gosh darn glorious. Here's what went down.

On Nov. 17, Hugh and Emily both attended Variety magazine's Actors on Actors event, where they were randomly paired up to interview each other about their acting careers, along with various other stars. Following the event, Hugh tweeted about how much of a "pleasure" it was to chat with the "amazing Emily Blunt" while sharing a photo of them on the red carpet.

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