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Niall Horan Defining Hilarious Irish Slang Words Video

Watch Niall Horan Define Hilarious Irish Slang Words Like "Bogger," "Thick," and "Banjaxed"

Following the release of the music video for his new song "Nice to Meet Ya," Niall Horan is sharing his vast knowledge of Irish slang words, and it's going to take me a minute donkey's year to memorise these definitions. In a recent Vanity Fair video, Niall (aka "Boyo" Horan) tested his slang skills by defining words and phrases like "thick," "throw shapes," and "gammy." Niall knows so much about Irish slang, in fact, that he had an, um . . . interesting definition for "flute" that wasn't even in the Irish slang dictionary. Watch the full video here, and prepare to be "deliria and exciria."

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