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Kaycee Rice and Sean Lew Blindfolded World of Dance Video

OMG: This Blindfolded World of Dance Duo Will Stun You With Their Gorgeous Choreography

If you thought dancing was hard normally, well, think again. World of Dance is back for its second season on NBC, and the previews have us more than a little excited for junior qualifiers Kaycee Rice and Sean Lew. The LA-based duo, who you probably recognise from the endless choreographed dance videos they're featured in on YouTube, perform a 90-second routine to Marshmello and Khalid's "Silence". The epic twist of being blindfolded for half the song — yes, seriously — gave us chills, and we aren't the only ones.

Jennifer Lopez's concerned reaction followed by judge Ne-Yo's commentary, "Ooh, this is gonna be really good or really bad," basically summed up our moods before pressing play – but, we're glad we did. Rice and Lew's chemistry builds throughout each step, making movements that most of us wouldn't even be able to pull-off with full vision look effortless. The number received smiles and claps from the trio of judges, including a standing ovation from Derek Hough. We'll save the details for until the season's premiere, but just know that it's about to be filled with only the most hip and fresh dance moves.

World of Dance returns Tuesday May 29th, and we're so ready.

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