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LA's Finest TV Show Trailer

LA's Finest: The First Footage From Gabrielle Union's Bad Boys Spinoff Has Arrived

If you thought Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba's TV spinoff of Bad Boys was going to be some sexy female cop fantasy, then think again. The first teaser for LA's Finest starts off with Union and Alba in lingerie before they declare, "This is definitely not our show," and the footage abruptly transitions to the pair flipping criminals onto cement, firing guns, and racing through traffic on a motorcycle.

Spectrum's On Demand police drama, which credits both actresses as executive producers alongside Jerry Bruckheimer, centres on Union's Syd Burnett character from 2003's Bad Boys 2 and will follow her after she leaves the DEA and begins working as a detective in the LAPD. Syd then finds herself partnered with her total opposite, Nancy McKenna (Alba), who's described as "a working mom who can't help but look at Syd's freedom with some grass-is-greener envy."

If their dynamic is even remotely close to the one between Mike and Marcus in Bad Boys, NBC has a major hit on its hands. Watch the teaser above, then keep an eye out for the season one premiere on May 13.

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