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Lady Gaga Sang "Bad Romance" While Filming A Star Is Born, and It Was Freakin' Magical

It may seem like 2009 Lady Gaga and Ally from A Star Is Born are worlds apart, but on the set of the hit movie, those worlds collided and it was magical. Chris Kissinger, an employee on set, shared a video of Gaga singing "Bad Romance" after the first night of shooting, and we have a feeling it made Bradley Cooper's character fall in love over and over again. . . I mean it was after wrapping the famous "Shallow" scene.

In the clip, Gaga thanks the extras for coming to the set and out of nowhere breaks into: "I want your love and I want your revenge, you and me could have a bad romance." Way to put an Ally-inspired spin on The Fame Monster hit! Watch the video above and then check out every performance of "Shallow" Gaga and Cooper have blessed us with.

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