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Is Laverne Cox Done With Orange Is the New Black?

We Have Questions About Sophia's Future on Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is The New Black Season 5

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Orange Is the New Black season six.

Season six provides a hell of a lot of forward momentum for the main characters of Orange Is the New Black. Among the Litchfield inmates, Sophia (Laverne Cox) has one of the happier storylines. She's released early and given a $300,000 payment from Linda and MCC. Of course, the money is a bribe so that Sophia wouldn't join Caputo's lawsuit against the company, but she is still able to leave prison and return to her family. And as Sophia explains to Caputo, she can use that money to send her son to college. (Money trouble is what lands Sophia in prison in the first place, so her story's ending makes sense.)

The question is: will Sophia return to OITNB for season seven, considering she's no longer an inmate? Things could really go either way. Aleida, for instance, is released from Litchfield before the riot, and Elizabeth Rodriguez's character has remained a part of the show. Taystee is released in the very first season but returns shortly after and continues to be a part of the show. Even Alex is released for a time, and she is obviously back in Litchfield. But Sophia's story has a sense of closure that none of those characters seemed to have.

For her part, Cox doesn't appear to have weighed in on whether she'd return to the show in the next season. Cox has signed on for a YouTube Red series called Weird City, alongside Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, and LeVar Burton. She's busy, but she's also managed to appear on several shows during her stint on OITNB.

If Sophia does return in the next season, she likely wouldn't have a central role — but maybe she could come back for one or two episodes, possibly in a flashback involving another inmate. Fans will have to wait to see whether or not this is the end of Sophia's story. But if it is, at least she secured a fairly happy ending and the possibility of a better future.

Image Source: Cara Howe/Netflix
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