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Steve Carell Proposes The Office and Always Sunny Crossover

Steve Carell Proposed a Crossover of The Office and It's Always Sunny, and I'm on Board

The Office may not be getting the revival we imagined any time soon, but if we're lucky, the cast of the comedy series might one day join forces with another group of famous faces from Philadelphia. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star and co-creator Rob McElhenney took to Instagram last week to reveal to fans that the FX comedy series was filming in the famous building used in The Office as the show's fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company — and, naturally, fans went bananas.

"Apparently this is Dunder Mifflin, I guess, where they shot The Office," he said in a video. "I wasn't 100 percent sure of that. But they're gone now, they're off the air. And now you got . . . sorry, [Steve] Carell. You got these guys now." "These guys" being his Always Sunny co-stars, Charlie Day and a pantsless Danny DeVito, who he turned the camera on next. McElhenney continued, joking, "Sorry, I guess your show got cancelled or whatever, but we're still doing ours. So we're doing it here."

The Office ended its nine-season run back in 2013, and Always Sunny is currently filming for its 14th season. Once Steve Carell — who played Michael Scott, aka the manager of the fictional company — caught wind of the post, he responded with a tweet that made us freak out even more. "Rob, this blood feud has to end. 'It's Always Sunny in Scranton.' Thoughts?" he tweeted, teasing the idea of a possible crossover between the two shows. Of course, it's not yet clear what the Always Sunny cast is going to be doing in that building, but if an actual crossover episode were to be born out of this exchange, we wouldn't exactly be mad at it.

Keep reading to see the full exchange between McElhenney and Carell ahead.

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