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What Is Netflix's The Innocents About?

Netflix's New Show Is Basically a Sci-Fi Romeo and Juliet, and It Looks Incredible

Netflix is going all in on their packed slate of new original content, which not only includes fresh true crime documentaries and big-budget films but also some exceptional sci-fi TV series. Not long after the announcement of the Ian Somerhalder-led V-Wars, Netflix dropped the first trailer for The Innocents, a sprawling futuristic romance that is giving us major Romeo and Juliet vibes.

The British series follows a young Harry (Wizards vs. Aliens's Percelle Ascott) and June (Clique's Sorcha Groundsell) as they run away from their restrictive lives and families so they can be together in London, but their new adventure quickly goes awry when it's revealed June is no ordinary teenager — she has the unique ability to shape-shift. Her skills soon attracts the attention of the mysterious Professor Halvorson (Alien Covenant's Guy Pearce), who wants to capture June so he can help study her abilities. Although he promises to cure her and reunite her with her mother, who abandoned her three years ago, it's revealed June isn't the only "shifter" out there, which makes her relationship with Harry more dangerous than ever.

The Innocents was created and written by Hania Elkington and Simon Duric, and all eight episodes arrive on Netflix on Aug. 24. Until then, we're going to spend some more time obsessing over the first trailer above.

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