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Where to Watch This Is Us

Still Lying to Your Friends About Watching This Is Us? Here's How to Catch Up

In its second season, This Is Us has firmly established itself as one of TV's most addictive shows, but what makes that feat so impressive is the fact that This Is Us is a show that's quite simply about family. These days, if a show becomes super popular, it's usually also dark or about superheroes (or both), and while the Pearson family make people weep on a weekly basis, This Is Us is a feel-good series at heart. With season two wrapping up soon, you may finally be feeling the urge to watch This Is Us if for no other reason than to understand why all of your coworkers turned against Crock-Pots the week before the Super Bowl. Or maybe you're a longtime fan of the Pearsons and you know the only real substitute for This Is Us is reruns of This Is Us.

No matter what has brought you to the conclusion that it's time to hang out with the Big Three, Jack "Best Dad Ever" Pearson, Rebecca, and the rest of the show's amazing characters, you're in luck, because streaming This Is Us is an easy process. The first thing you need to know is that the Pearson family's journey is not on Netflix. Don't panic; even if you're a Netflix-only subscriber, you can still cry your heart out over both seasons of This Is Us with a little help from the internet.

  • This Is Us isn't on Netflix, but it is on Hulu. Every episode of the series that has aired so far is just a click away, but if you don't want to pay for another subscription service for just one show, that's totally understandable. If you do decide to subscribe to Hulu, the plans start out at just $8 a month, but you can also snag a free one-month trial if you're a new subscriber. And, yes, one month is more than enough time to marathon This Is Us.
  • Do you have a cable or satellite TV subscription? Then it's time to make it work for you. The NBC app also has every episode of This Is Us available to stream at no extra cost. All you need to do is head over to the site to check if you have a qualifying subscriber, and you could be on your way to falling in love with Randall in less than a hour.
  • If neither one of those options work for you, then you can always purchase episodes individually or buy entire seasons outright on apps like iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. This can be a pricey endeavor since episodes generally start out at $1.99 each, but if any show is worth it, then it's This Is Us.

The time to become an honorary member of the Pearson family is now. Whether you decide to stream the show on Hulu or buy each episode, This Is Us is one hit show that more than lives up to its weepy hype.

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