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Aimee Lou Wood's BAFTA Speech and Sex Education Spoilers

We Thought We Couldn't Love Aimee Lou Wood Any More — Then We Heard Her BAFTA Speech

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 06:   Aimee Lou Wood, winner of the Best Female Comedy Performance award for her role in

On Sunday 6 June, Aimee Lou Wood attended the BAFTA Television Awards after being nominated for best female performance in a comedy programme. Wood won the award for her role in Netflix's Sex Education, playing Aimee Gibbs, and gave the most adorable acceptance speech. The actor took to the stage in a floral gown and smacked her lips together, telling the audience that "I'm sorry, I've had this mask on!"

She went on to share that "we said on our panel thing that we'd break it into pieces and share it with everyone, but it's solid Daisy. It's solid. So I'm going to give you a metaphorical piece to everyone in my category, especially Emma Mackey who's the best scene partner and best friend, and all our cast members. We are such an ensemble, we are such a team," before interrupting herself and turning to host Richard Ayoade saying "sorry, I'm meant to be doing it to a camera, aren't I, Richard?" Wood went on to thank her family and friends and eventually her dad, before settling for "the whole shebang, Richard, you know how it is," which had everyone in tears of laughter.

In a press conference following the awards, Wood also shared some insight into the upcoming third series of Sex Education, confirming that "Aimee's storyline in season two, it's continued, [and] it's handled beautifully throughout season three as well. I think our costume designer said that the ending [of season three] is going to be a surprise and a bit shocking to everyone — so I can confirm that, that it will be!"

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