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Drew Barrymore Surprises Allison Williams in M3GAN Costume

Drew Barrymore Surprises Allison Williams Dressed as M3GAN: "Want to Hang Out?"

"Scream" queen Drew Barrymore got in touch with her horror-movie roots during an interview with Allison Williams on the former's daytime talkshow. Stepping into the role of the villain, Barrymore dressed up in a realistic M3GAN costume to surprise Williams, who plays the inventor of the titular robot doll in "M3GAN." "Hi Allison. Do you want to hang out?" Barrymore asks Williams in a preview clip from "The Drew Barrymore Show"'s 25 Jan. episode. Williams replies sceptically, "I'm not sure."

Fully embracing the killer android's signature style, Barrymore kneels beside Williams in a tan dress, white tights, and a blond wig. "How did you come up with my name?" she asks in a breathy imitation of M3GAN's voice. Williams replies, "It's short for Model 3 Generative Android. It's M3GAN for short."

Williams later asks how Barrymore likes being a rogue AI doll. "You know I love myself and I love being a part of your family. I especially like the way you taught me to crawl-run," Barrymore replies, prompting her to demonstrate a four-legged run that will haunt our dreams like M3GAN's TikTok-famous murder dance. Williams tells Barrymore, "You're a natural," as the latter adjusts her bright-blue contact lenses.

On Jan. 18, Blumhouse confirmed the sci-fi horror film will get sequel, scheduled for January 2025. Since Barrymore has a history of appearing in horror films and thrillers (see: "Firestarter," "Far From Home," and "Donnie Darko"), we wouldn't be surprised if she makes a cameo in the next film — maybe as M3GAN's new best friend?

Watch Barrymore's full interview with Williams when it airs on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

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