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Love Actually Cast: Then and Now

The "Love Actually" Cast 20 Years On From the Christmas Movie Release

Love Actually Cast: Then and Now
Image Source: Everett Collection

Since bursting into cinemas in 2003, "Love Actually" has become a Christmas movie staple. The festive season is not complete without seeing those opening hugs at Heathrow airport, hearing Hugh Grant utter the line, "love actually is all around", and of course getting cosy with the stellar "Love Actually" cast and their intertwining storylines.

The Richard Curtis movie, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, brought with it a collection of A-list stars that needed no introduction. Theatre, film, and TV icons like Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant were cast in lead roles, while the film also helped to catapult the careers of Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Olivia Olson whose sweet childhood romance pulled on the hearts of the nation.

While the movie has arguably aged badly and is not without its troubles (Natalie getting dumped for being "fat", Mark's creepy wedding video, many of the women characters being passive), it continues to be viewed with fondness for many Christmas-lovers. So in the two decades since it first premiered, where are the cast of "Love Actually" now? Keep scrolling to find out how the last two decades have been for the beloved Christmas characters.

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