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Riz Ahmed Talks About His Oxford Club Nights on James Corden

Riz Ahmed Started His Oxford Club Night After Feeling "Out of Place" at University

Born and bred in Wembley, actor Riz Ahmed has had quite an impressive run so far. From attending a private school in Northwood on a scholarship to graduating with a degree in politics, philosophy, and economics from actual Oxford University, his career has only gone from strength to strength. He's won not one but two Primetime Emmy Awards alongside a Golden Globe, MTV VMA, and plenty more.

Surprisingly though, those aren't his only great achievements. Appearing on The Late Late Show With James Corden last night, Ahmed gave viewers a pretty interesting insight into his time at Christ Church in Oxford and revealed that he started his own club night, Hit & Run.

"When I first turned up at Oxford, I felt a little bit out of place", Ahmed explained. "I saw a lot of people there in bow ties and bowler hats, and I'd rocked up there with my dad, and we just felt out of place. I remember I went to one of the formal dinners, and I didn't have the right tuxedo, I had the wrong dress code." Recalling that the first person he met at Oxford told him he reminded her "so much of Ali G", Ahmed wanted to figure out a way to make his mark.

On creating Hit & Run, Ahmed revealed that "I created the club night because I was passionate about music, and I wanted to create a space where people like me could be comfortable, but it was also so I could turn to those same posh people and say, 'wrong dress code'". We're here for it, Riz. Here. for. it.

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