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Which Love Is Blind Season 4 Couples Are Still Together?

An Update on Which "Love Is Blind" Season 4 Couples Are Still Together and Who's Single

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Which Love Is Blind Season 4 Couples Are Still Together?
Image Source: Netflix

"Love Is Blind" season four was quite the ride. After a rocky season of breakups, breakdowns, and surprising connections, viewers found out the fate of each couple after the season finale, aka the infamous weddings episode, aired on 14 April, followed by the (delayed) reunion special two days later. Thanks to "After the Altar" — the second reunion that reunites all the couples and singles one year after their wedding days — premiering on 1 Sept., fans got new updates on the cast and where their relationships stand, though some new developments have happened since (more on that later).

The fourth season of Netflix's hit dating series premiered on 24 March, and in the weeks that followed, viewers got to know the batch of hopeful contestants hailing from Seattle and their respective love journeys. Now that the season has officially concluded, many are wondering which pairs have stayed together after saying "I do" at the altar and what else has happened since their love experiment wrapped filming last year.

The first confirmed breakup of season four was Marshall and Jackie, whose post-pod connection fell apart during filming shortly after all the couples returned home to Seattle. While "Love Is Blind" fans gave Jackie flack for how she handled their split on the show, Marshall told Variety before the reunion that he didn't have "any bad feelings about it." Though the two both shared their frustrations during the reunion, they appear to be in a better place now as they've both moved on with new partners.

The second split was Micah and Paul, as the latter said "no" at the altar on their wedding day. The former couple, who tried to reconcile after filming, also aired out their grievances during the reunion. They too seem to have moved on since.

The good news is, no "Love Is Blind" season four pairings who got married have parted ways since the finale and reunion special. Ahead, find out the status of each "Love Is Blind" season four couple and who's still single and dating.

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